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2.5 Assessment Details
2.5.1 Professional Task - Risk-benefit analysis matrix
Weight: 30%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: Sunday 11.59pm (Week 4)
Submission: online, using Turnitin on vUWS
Format: Word file containing
a) a brief description of the reform benefits and
b) a risk analysis and rating
A template is available on the vUWS website - format document to Landscape word document
Single-line spacing
Length: 800 words
Curriculum Mode: Professional Task
Select one of the following proposed health system reforms:
1. Primary Health Care Reform
2. My Health Record:
3. Mandatory General Practice Co-payment:
4. Bonded Medical Program:
5. Telehealth
6. Aged Care Funding Reform
7. Choose your own health system reform - this can be from Australia or internationally (must be approved by the subject coordinator)
The Department of Health has requested a risk analysis to illustrate the potential risks of this change to the health system. The Department has asked that your analysis illustrate the likelihood of risks occurring and the scale of their impact, as well as your approach to managing the risks you have identified by completing the table below.
Risk Impact L C R Risk treatments Responsibility

L = Likelihood (Almost certain, Likely, Possible, Rare)
C = Consequence (Very High, High, Medium, low)
R = Risk level (12-16 = Extreme, 5-11 = Moderate, 1-4 = Low)
When considering the risks, think about the impacts on the various components of the health system, as well as the impact on providers and patients, including vulnerable populations. Consider how core principles of public health
such as universal healthcare are endorsed (or not) by this health system/policy reform.
NSW Treasury Risk Management Toolkit
Additional resources are available on the vUWS site

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 898 words including References

Title: Professional Task: Risk-benefit analysis matrix

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