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2.5 Assessment Details
2.5.1 Strategy Report
Weight: 25%
Type of Collaboration: Individual
Due: 11:59 pm Sunday Week 5
Submission: online, via Turnitin on vUWS
Format: Word file
Font Size: 11-12 point
Spacing: 1.5 to 2 line spaced
All sources must be properly referenced in a reference list which adheres to the APA referencing style.
Length: 1,250 words
Curriculum Mode: Applied Project
Change management processes exist to ensure a smooth transition into new strategies for organisational improvements and to meet the needs of the constantly changing population. Conducting a Change Management Readiness Assessment is a crucial first step in the change management planning process to ensure that the organisation, and its people, are ready to successfully adopt the change into operation.
Change readiness is a perception that an organisation is ready to adopt a change, supported by data. When making an argument for change, it is important to demonstrate the cultural readiness of the organisation and those that would be impacted by the change; commitment readiness through all levels of the change to see the change through to a sustainable completion; and capacity readiness, the degree to which the organisation is capable of supporting the change process through to a sustainable completion.
Task Description:
For this task, students will choose a ’change’ situation based on their program specialisation.
Students in the Workplace Health and Safety specialisation may choose to develop a change management strategy related to safety culture, reporting culture or preventative health programs in the workplace.
Students enrolled in the Health Service Management specialisation may choose to develop a change management strategy relating to workforce culture, cultural sensitivity or health and wellbeing of their workforce. Other appropriate topics may also be used with approval by the subject coordinator.
Students in the Digital Health specialisation may choose to develop a change management strategy relating to

implementation of a new digital technology that will be used by a health workforce.
The change must be based in a health care delivery workplace. Students may need to research a health care work-

place if they do not have workplace familiarity. examples are Hospitals, Primary care centres, general practices, aged community home care, disability home care etc.
Managing Change and Innovation (Ch . 7)
Robbins, S. P. Bergman, R. Coulter, (2018), Management, 8th Edn, Melbourne, Vic, Pearson Australia
Blackman, D., O’Flynn, J. and Ugyel, L. (2013) “A Diagnostic Tool for Assessing Organisational Readiness for Complex Change”, paper presented to the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management conference, Hobart, 4-6 December.
Rune, T. (2005) Organisational change management: A critical review, Journal of Change Management, 5:4, 369380, DOI: 10.1080/14697010500359250

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1595 words including References


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