Recent Question/Assignment

The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to determine how well the organisation is visually represented across print, web and video platforms.
Your Online Presence Review should:
Identify & critique how consistently and effectively the principles and elements of design have been followed across all platforms
Identify & critique the user experience across interactive platforms
Identity & critique the principles of framing, composition and sound across interactive and video platforms
Task – Draft Structure
Select one of the organisations from the list below and plan your online presence review across print, web & video platforms.
The first three modules will introduce you to the elements and principles of design and user experience, as well as the characteristics of print, web & video platforms, and how these can affect a brand. Your audit should identify and critique these areas of your chosen organisation, taking a holistic approach to the problem of communicating a cohesive and consistent identity across disparate mediums.
At the conclusion of your report you are required to identify opportunities for improvement in its visual presence. You should also clearly explain why this is a weakness.
This structure, and the review that follows, will determine the focus for your Assignment 2 Design Brief.
Project Clients
Please select one of the following clients for your Assignment or seek the approval of the Course Coordinator to use your own organisation (you will also need the approval of your organisation).
1. EM Academy
EM Academy is a new Registered Training Organisation (RTO), established in February 2020 in Adelaide. They currently deliver Certificate III in Individual Support and short courses in First Aid, CPR, Medications, Manual Handling, as well as professional development workshops focused on health care, client direct care and leadership skills. Additionally we offer consulting services to the Health and Community and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sectors. They are currently expanding their scope of delivery to include, Certificate IV in Aging and Disability, Certificate II and III in Community Services, 3 foundation skills qualifications, Certificate IV in Mental Health and Diploma of Consulting.
Refer to
Review of website
Review of social media platforms
Develop a Design Strategic Plan - including web, print and video (optional social media)
Start to build a library of images for marketing use.
Develop example marketing materials - emails, flyers, posters, etc
2. Made for More
Made For More Pty Ltd is a Leadership, Communication and Change practice operating Nationally out of Adelaide. Made For More Pty Ltd works with leaders and organisations to provide robust leadership and communication education through programs, seminars and keynotes, both face to face and virtually. Founder, Ally also hosts a weekly podcast, and has recently launched a book.
Refer to
3. Organisations from COMM 5069
You might want to choose one of the organisations from Social Media Management (COMM 5069), BUT it is important to stress here that you cannot submit the same work twice if you have already completed that course. The focus of this assignment is not just social media.
Adelaide Crows
SA Museum
SA Tourism
Lulu Lemon
4. Another organisation
Lastly, you may choose an organisation that you are working in, or are in contact with. Please talk to your tutor and the organisation about this before starting the project.