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Assessment 1: Report
Links to unit learning outcomes: 1 Relates to AOLs: KS (1.1), HO (2.1), PC (3.1)
Length: 2000 words | Percentage of final grade: 40%
Due date: Week 7 (exact date to be confirmed on Blackboard).
Submission: Submit as a single Word or PDF document using the link provided on Blackboard.
Can I apply for the automatically approved 48-hour extension? Yes.
In the first assignment (the report) you will draw on the content in Weeks 1 to 6 (inclusive) of this unit.
Assume the role of a media relations consultant pitching for a client’s business. You need to show that organisational storytelling combined with a media strategy – that is, the use of earned, owned, and shared content delivered through traditional and social media channels – can help organisations communicate a key message and achieve their goals and objectives. You will first propose a key message for the client, then show how using narrative devices and storytelling discourses can help the client organisation. You will justify the recommendations you make to the client by drawing on academic theory, media content, and case studies as required.
Executive summary (single page, double line spacing)
A complete summary of your report including your conclusions.

Not included in the word limit
Introduction (around 5% of the word limit)
This section should include the following:
All the text in these sections is included in the word limit (2000 words)
• The purpose of this report.
• An introduction to the organisation you are working for and a summary of its communication need.
Content (do NOT use this as your heading! Create a different one. Around 85% of the word limit)
Sub-headings should be used.
In this section, you should attempt to answer the following questions. They are intended to give you a starting point for your thinking. You will have to go beyond just answering these questions to do well in your report. Do not use these questions as headings. Make up your own headings.
Thinking about your key message:
• What are the organisation’s desired outcomes? What do they need stakeholders to do to achieve these outcomes?
• Which stakeholders do you need behavioural responses from to achieve these outcomes? Who do you want to reach? Who is your target audience?
• Why should they undertake this behaviour?
• What is your recommended key message (KM) for this audience?
Thinking about organisational storytelling:
• What is organisational storytelling?
• Drawing on the master plots, characters, and other storytelling characteristics covered in this unit, what organisational storytelling theme do you recommend for the client? Why?
Thinking about the use of media:
• What do we mean by ‘media’?
• What effects do the media have, and how can these effects help organisations in general achieve their goals? Hint: This section should make use of multiple communication and/or media effects theories and models.
• Applying one or two of these ideas to the client organisation, how can you use the media to help it achieve its desired outcomes?
In summary, why is organisational storytelling delivered via a media strategy the best choice for the client?
Conclusion (around 10% of the word limit)
• Concise summary of your ideas and recommendations.
• NO new information.
Reference List
List in alphabetical order all the sources referred to in the in-text citations used in the report. Use APA style. For more information visit
Not included in the word limit
Appendices (optional)
Include appendices only if you feel that the reader may benefit from access to additional information. The contents of the appendices will not be marked.

Refer to the relevant CRA rubric for further information about what is expected at each grade level.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2686 words including References

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