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Collect 1-3 articles about a current IMC ‘hot topic’ of your choice relating to the five decision areas covered in this unit.
Your hot topic is any issue that is impacting an IMC decision making area, that you can find supporting contemporary evidence for (articles from business literature, newspapers ect).
So trends, new ideas and emerging technology could all be good topics/issues, and IMC campaigns discussed in business literature would be the supporting evidence.
Analyse the IMC topic/issues highlighted by the article(s), focusing yourobservations on aspects such as adherence to or deviations from IMC concepts/principles and implications.
1 current IMC topic per key decision making area (5 topics in total)
1-3 articles per key decision making area (5-15 articles)
Length/Duration: 2,000 words (10% over/under)
Formative or Summative: Formative and Summative
Group or Individual: Individual

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