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Word limit: 1500 (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 40%
This assignment has three parts:
Part A: Educating for sustainability
Discuss the scope and purpose for educating for a sustainable future. You'll need to:
• include a definition of sustainability
• summarise key reasons sustainability has become a focus point in recent years and key principles of Educating for Sustainability (EfS)
Note: Use your readings from weeks one to five to support your discussion.
Part B: Reflection
In this section, you're asked to critically reflect on your attitudes toward sustainable perspectives and articulate what your core values are. You might consider the following areas:
• Your ecological footprint from week one.
• What you feel to be the most important issues around environmental sustainability.
• What you find challenging.
• Your doubts, concerns and questions.
Part C: Teaching/practice position
After reflecting on your personal beliefs and values, and the rationale behind educating for a sustainable future, you need to consider how your understandings impact your role as a teacher.
• How do your personal values conflict or align with principles of EfS?
• How and why do sustainable education perspectives impact upon the professional responsibilities of teachers? Based on ACARA and ELYF).
• How could you prepare children and young people to think and act for sustainable futures?
8 required

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1867 words including References

Title: Education for Sustainability

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