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Assessment 1: Essay - Discussion: Human andSocialCapital
Marking Criteria
A rubric
is available on the Moodle site
Individual assessment
Tw of Collaboration
28 Aug 2022 (Sunday in Session Week 5)
Final submission time: 11:59pm
I Length_______
Assessment Due
2000 words + online forums
Demonstrated responsible, ethical and professional pariici, ition during the interactions within online learning environments Logical and coherent development of arguments as to why p sessional capital is important in educational organisations
Demonstrated understanding of the importance of a collaborai e culture in educational organisations supported by empirical research
Clear and detailed explanation of leadership strategies for devei ing a i collaborative team culture j
5. Written expression is clear: spelling, grammar and referencing is inect: i and inclusion of literature is relevant,'appropriate. I

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2939 words including References

Title: Essay- Discussion: Human and Social Capital

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