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21/08/2022, 10:06 NUR5227 S2 2022: Assessment Task 1: Assessment Details and Marking Rubric

NUR5227 - Integrated mental health care - S2 2022
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Assessment Task 1: Assessment Details and Marking Rubric

? Assessment title: Essay on critical appraisal

Alignment with unit learning outcome(s):
1 Critically analyse the national and state approaches to mental health service delivery in Australia
2 Describe how the current socio-cultural, economic and political climate influence mental health service delivery
3 Critically analyse national health policies and strategies designed to promote the mental health of the community, reduce the impact of mental health issues and support recovery
4 Discuss the importance of consumer and carer involvement in mental health advocacy and service delivery
6 Discriminate between mental health frameworks, policies, targets to address specific considerations for certain population groups and/or diversity of experiences
7 Critique the need for integrated approaches to mental health care across the lifespan

Details of task: Aim:
The aim of this assessment is to critically analyse how the socio-cultural, economic, and political climate may affect the implementation of Vision 2030 in the Australian mental health system and the impact of Vision 2030 on the local health service that you are working in.
To complete this task you should first consider the following:
1. The recent changes in the socio-cultural, economic, and political climate within Australia
2. The importance for the mental health services to support consumers and carers to be involved in aligning service delivery with Vision 2030
3. The importance of aligning Vision 2030 to the health service you are working
Then you should carefully select two of the statements which Vision 2030 imagines (Page 6- A Vision for mental health in 2030) and:
4. Identify a certain population group and/or people with diversity of experiences and critically analyse how well your service currently delivers on these two points.
5. Consider two (2) enablers and two (2) barriers relating to each of the points, and then suggest one (1) recommendation to overcome each of the barriers identified.
You should explore literature relating to these questions, including primary research as well as government and organisational documents (grey literature).
The above steps are preparatory, to develop your understanding of the topic. Your final submission should incorporate your evidence-informed 1/2 21/08/2022, 10:06 NUR5227 S2 2022: Assessment Task 1: Assessment Details and Marking Rubric p p p y, p y g p p y
answers to these questions, but you may organise your ideas and content in any logical order.
Essay Topic
When you have developed a clear understanding of the topic, you should organise your ideas into a 3000 word essay on:
How the recent changes within Australia will influence the implementation of Vision 2030 within the Australian mental health system?
You will need to include an introduction and conclusion for this essay.
Please make sure you de-identify your health-service while still giving context. For example you might describe the service as a public mental health service in rural Victoria.
Due date: 19th August, 1630 hrs
Word limit: 3000 +/- 10%
Value: 30%
Presentation requirements:
Size 11/12 font Arial or Times New Roman font with at least 1.5 spacing between lines
Pages should be numbered and your student ID number should be in the footer
Assessments must be submitted in Word format (not PDF) You may use subheadings to develop your assessment
References as per APA 7th format. You must use reputable literature/sources to support your writing, with a minimum of 20 references.
References must be within 7 years, unless seminal work
All in-text references count towards the word count. Reference list is excluded from the word count
If an assessment is submitted which exceeds the word count by more than 10%, the marker will stop reading at the required word count, and no further content will be marked
Estimated return date: within 20 days from submission
Hurdle requirements: N/A
Individual assessment in group tasks: individual Criteria for marking:
? Click here to view the marking rubric
? 5. View and agree to the MNHS Guidelines for Professional Online Communication
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