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This Recommendation Report builds on your earlier work for the Consulting Project (Assessment 1 Phase I: Research Report) where you clearly established the problem/opportunity and researched the Client’s organization and industry. Having undertaken that research, you are now required to develop your final recommendations for the Client.
We are talking about NRL Teams.
Please pay attention I will add the first file the Lecture Feedback about assessment 1, check in the pdf the lecture gave some feedback!! This is a fundamental to do the report recommendations
The second file is the report that I submitted about his feedback in this report I scored 8.0 you can use this source also is attached
Now the Lecture wants a recommendation my recommendation only covers the two points below.
I. Clearly introduce the report and its purpose, as well as the key findings from the phase.

II. Acknowledge all stakeholders and data sources, as well as any other important background information or context.
Based On assessment one which I provided attached he wants us to build 20 national NRL teams between men and women. But we need to give recommendations.
Guys 700 words only and please add references.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 925 words including References


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