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Assessment 3: Learning Journal (35%)
Due date: Week 11
5 entries x 500 - 700 words each
To demonstrate students knowledge and understanding of the topics studied in this unit, they will be given five questions relating to topics discussed in specific lectures/tutorials during the term.
These questions will enable students to demonstrate their own understanding of contemporary issues in Australia concerning social and economic inequality. Students will be able to also provide their own opinions regarding each of the question topics in their answers.
Students must answer each of the questions in 500 - 700 words per question and submit all questions together as one assessment.
1. Describe the current Family structure in Australia.
2. Briefly discuss how Australian Public Policy is introduced .
3. Give details of how Religion has changed in Australia
4. Discuss the Political system of Australia
5. Reflect on your idea of the Australian lifestyle
Your learning journal should include at least 5 (scholarly) journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references. Use APA 7 Referencing.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2692 words including References

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