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Opinion Piece
• Write a 1,000 word opinion piece on an IMC topic.
• This topic will be given to the class by a leading thinker in IMC.
• Due before class in Week 5.
Why this Opinion Piece is important
• Informed opinions can change the world.
• But the opinion needs to be based in research and theory.
• This makes the opinion both believable and defendable.
• Hopefully, by researching the concept and wrestling with your ideas, this opinion piece will also grow your understanding of IMC.
Three equal parts to Assessment 1
• The research and theory framework - Depth and quality of information and application of theory
• The thinking and formulation of an opinion - Critical thinking and analysis
• The expression of your opinion - Clarity and persuasion of written expression
Depth and quality of information and application of theory
• Read the Topic.
• Research the topic through industry and academic sources.
• Find a relevant theory that could be applied to help understand this topic.
• Look at the theory videos on Blackboard.
Critical thinking and analysis
• Your investigation of the topic.
• The strengths and weaknesses. The arguments for and against.
• The relation of the issues to theory or IMC practice.
• The implications of the topic for theory, practice and for society.
Clarity and persuasion of written expression
• This is about how well you develop your argument and express your opinion.
• It should be clear, concise and convincing.
• It can be serious or humorous.
• It should be written as if it were to appear on Mumbrella or in AdNews.
• It must be referenced and a list of references included. (Of course we’d take these out for AdNews, but we need them in here to attest to the quality of your research for marking).
• No spelling or grammatical errors. (I did that on purpose to make the point).
Practice and master this assessment piece by participating in Tutorial 1

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1157 words including References

Topic is- Interactivity, IMC & Consumer Engagement
Make sure to make informed opinion,like do use referencing and everything

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