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Information Technology in TELECOMMUNICATION Industry
In this project, we cover many theoretical topics associated with the management of information technology (IT) and information systems (IS). The aim of this assignment is to examine the likely use and future challenges of IT and IS in actual organisations.
Examine the external forces presented by (SWOT analysis) which are THREATS and OPPORTUNITIES by the use of IT and IS in the future of the telecommunication industry. In particular, your group will examine how IT and IS are important for companies of this type in the following respects:
• strategic imperatives
• customer & supplier engagement
You should provide as many real-life examples as possible to illustrate how the telecommunication industry is responding to the threats and opportunities.
The following questions should not be answered explicitly but are intended to illustrate some of the themes your assignment may cover:
• What are the risks for the future viability of the telecommunication industry and for particular companies within it? Is there a risk of digital disruption and what is being done to mitigate this? How is IT and IS being used in mitigating these risks?
• What signs of digital transformation can you see occurring in some or all companies in the telecommunication industry?
• Are there any issues with providing resources to meet the demand for IT and IS development? How can these be overcome?
Finally, you will need to cover key challenges in the telecommunication industry. A few suggestions have been provided below:
• IS Security
• Issues with outdated legacy systems and application backlogs
• Adherence to relevant regulatory environments

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Word Count: 563 words including References

Title: Information Technology in Telecommunication Industry

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