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Subject Code and Title MGT605 Business Capstone Project
Assessment Assignment 3 – Reflection
Individual/Group Individual
Length 1500 words
Subject Learning Outcomes SLO b. Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership in the preparation of a significant original body of practical or theoretical work.
SLO d. Synthesise concepts from a broad range of previous subjects studied (e.g. finance, marketing, operations), simplifying into a holistic big picture.
SLO e. Reflect on application of theory, processes, ethical practice and standards and how these are represented and lived through their decision-making.
Submission By 11:55pm AEST/AEDT Sunday of Week 12
Weighting 20%
Total Marks 20 marks
Reflection provides the opportunity to detail what learning has occurred and the meaning you have gathered from various learning experiences. This practice helps to solidify new knowledge and prepare the brain for similar experiences in the future. Given you will be part of many projects in your career, this assessment provides an opportunity to reflect on the process and experiences you have encountered throughout your capstone project so you can consolidate your ‘lessons learnt’ to apply to future projects.
Throughout your capstone experience, you will have developed a substantial project that assimilates the learning from your MBA subjects. In addition, over the course of your MBA you have recorded your journey in the form of journal entries. This final report is about reflecting on the process and experiences of putting your business capstone project together and how you have drawn on the learning from your MBA.
Before you can attempt this assessment, it is essential that you understand clearly what reflective writing/thinking is. To help you with that, please read your learning resources in
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Module 6 in Blackboard.
In 1500 words or less , present a reflection, using one of the more widely accepted Reflexive models as a guide, on changes to your understanding as you applied theory to practice from your MBA journey and the process of producing your project. Below are some suggested questions that you can use to help guide your reflective thinking.
• What did you learn and how useful do you think it will be in future for you?
• What was challenging and what was easy?
• Compared to the beginning of your capstone project, has your thinking changed? If so in what ways?
Please note that these are guiding questions only. They are not intended to be all and everything about your reflection. It is advisable to do more research about reflective writing models and questions before you attempt this assessment.
Present the reflection in any way you wish – this could be poetry, a video, or a more traditional format - as your way of demonstrating the wider implications of your learning. That means your reflection should also look at how your learning will impact your future. Though reflective work is written in the first person, you must still meet the requirements of an academic assessment
All references should be noted in APA 7th edition format at the end of the submission.
Use Assessment 3 link in Blackboard to submit your capstone project reflection. Give your file a name in this format – Your name_Subject and code_Assessment number – before submission.
The submission must be in Word document format and contain a signed cover sheet.
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Learning Rubrics
Assessment Attributes Fail (Unacceptable) Pass (Functional) Credit (Proficient) Distinction (Advanced) High Distinction (Exceptional)
Analysis and application with synthesis of new
5 marks Limited synthesis and analysis.
Limited application/recommendations based upon analysis. Demonstrated analysis and synthesis of new knowledge with application.
Shows the ability to interpret relevant information. Well-developed analysis and synthesis with application of
linked to analysis/synthesis. Thoroughly developed and creative analysis and synthesis with application of pretested models and / or independently developed models and justified
linked to analysis/synthesis Highly sophisticated and creative analysis, synthesis of new with existing knowledge.
Recommendations are clearly justified based on the analysis/synthesis. Applying knowledge to new situations/other cases.
Critical reasoning, effective
Communication - Well-structured report with clear flow of ideas
5 marks Difficult to understand for audience, no logical/clear structure, poor flow of ideas, argument lacks supporting evidence.
Audience cannot follow the line of reasoning. Information, arguments and evidence are presented in a way that is not always clear and logical.
Line of reasoning is often difficult to follow. Information, arguments and evidence are well presented, mostly clear flow of ideas and arguments.
Line of reasoning is easy to follow. Information, arguments and evidence are very well presented; the presentation is logical, clear and well supported by evidence. Expertly presented; the presentation is logical, persuasive, and well supported by evidence, demonstrating a clear flow of ideas and arguments.
Engages and sustains audience’s interest in the topic.
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Demonstrate authentic reflective practice.
10 marks Inadequate activity journal lacking consistent record of progress.
Reflection not commensurate with the experiences. Reasonable information recorded in the activity journal but more detail necessary to show the breadth of the activities.
Reflection shows limited understanding and fails to draw out major points of learning. Well-presented activity journal with relevant evidence of progress and limited breadth of project activities undertaken. Reflection shows sound understanding but lacks flow and cohesiveness in terms of the major lessons learnt. A consistent activity journal with relevant evidence of progress and a wider breadth of project activities undertaken. Reflection shows strong understanding and draws out major points of learning. Excellent and consistent step by step record of project activities undertaken covering a
breadth of activities undertaken and supported with relevant evidence. Reflection shows comprehensive understanding of reflective practice and changed behaviour.
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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1986 words including References

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