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Scenario: You have been brought in as an advisor to Business South Inc. Business South Inc. is a membership-based organisation providing advice to employers (They are looking for your advice and input on two activities.
• A new employer who is opening a small café in central Dunedin, has come to Business South Inc. looking for some advice on their main obligations as an employer. In addition, they are looking for advice on how to use quality control tools to make the operation of their café effective.
• Business South Inc. has also identified the need to create awareness amongst their employer members on their responsibilities in relation to diversity/equal opportunities in the workplace. Business South Inc. has decided to produce a newsletter to their employer members for this purpose. They would like you to write an article to go into the newsletter. New Employer Advice (Individual)
Qa. The aim is to investigate the main compliance obligations and their impacts on operations for a new employer and provide advice.
(1) provide an overview of the key aspects of tax obligations, what must the employer comply with and why? Explain the impacts of this compliance on the responsibilities of the new employer.
(2) The new employer has recognised that maintaining a focus on quality can help them in the competitive café environment in Dunedin. Choose one of the quality control tools (flow charts, check sheets, histograms) and recommend how this employer can apply the tool to help them as part of a continuous improvement mindset to improve quality and manage their operations effectively. Include examples of how this tool can be used by the employer to ensure compliance (minimum four). Support your writing with at least 4 academic references. Word count: 1000 words
Qb. Diversity Newsletter Article 40 marks The aim of this task is to research and promote one particular area of employer responsibility in relation to diversity/equal opportunities in the workplace by writing an article that will go into a diversity newsletter to all employees in Otago and Southland. Employers face challenges in addressing some of the issues that arise in the workplace, • Gender equality/diversity
Explain some of the issues (minimum of 2) and challenges (minimum of 2) faced by employers using the information gained from your research into the area you have chosen. What impacts (2) could these issues and challenges have on the organisational culture of the business? Summarise the legislation that has been put in place for your topic, explain the reason for it and why it is important to comply. Give practical techniques (minimum of 4) or tips to employers on creating a positive workplace culture and how these techniques or tips can lead to organisational success. Support your writing with at least 4 academic references. Word count: 750 words Your work should be grammatically correct, spell-checked and correctly referenced (APA 7th style)