Recent Question/Assignment

Choose a small business in the UK with less than 200 employees and less than 50m £ to expand or internationalize.
No Pestle Analysis
Follow the template
Assessment type Report
Word count 2000 – 10% +/-
Weighting 60%
Guidance- table of content
Section Topic Page no
1.2 Introduction (200 words)
Organisation background
Justification of expansion decision

2.3 Analysis of critical environmental factors and their impact on internationalisation process (1200 words)
Focus on three topics and the impact they have on the FDI:
Factor 1
Factor 2
Factor 3
Students may use any relevant factors, some of which may coincidentally form part of the PESTLE factors or Five Forces, but may not use a complete basic PESTLE analysis or Porter’s Five Forces, as the later will eat too much into the word count)

Entry mode evaluation (400 words)
Recommendation (200 words)
5 Reference
6 Appendix

Section 1: (200 words)
Company background: which industry it operates? What do they offer? what is the turnover per year?
Justify- why this SME needs to expand? What are the critical threats in domestic market and/or opportunities in foreign market – discuss most critical factors only.
Section 2: (1200 words- the focus is, how the condition impacts internationalisation process).
Discuss why the understanding of the foreign macro -economic environment is essential and challenging for a business looking to expand – citation(s) needed.
Section 3: (entry mode evaluation- 400 words)
Evaluate different internationalisation options under the current external conditions discussed in section 3-
Internationalisation options- Export, Production, FDI
You need to argue which internationalisation options have better chance of succeeding under the current external conditions (and which options stands less chance to succeed) discussed in section 3. You need to compare the various options under the current macro conditions.
Section 4: Recommendation (200 words)
Reviewing section 2 and section 3- recommend the best option for the SME to expand to the foreign country you have chosen.
You need to provide strong reasoning to justify why you think this is the best option for the SME.
Note: reference list using the Harvard referencing
Appendix: relevant, recent, and reliable data that you have used to produce this report.