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Assignment 1 Template:
Reflective report on research experience and interests
Please note:
• You can use the bolded headings to frame your assessment task if you wish
• The suggested word count for each of the sections is approximate only. This may vary significantly from student to student, subject to your specific experiences, and the examples that you will use. An approximate word count for each section is indicated below. Each section should provide a flow of a coherent sequence of paragraphs
(suggested word count is approximate only)
Introduction (approx. 50-100 words): Briefly introduce your own educational background (previous degrees, the country in which you studied)
Reflection on experiences in relation to research (approx. 300-400 words): Explain how, and whether, you used research in your previous studies or work, including (but not exhausted to:
• using research as a research consumer, e g. reading and referencing reputable research for your assignments
• conducting research projects as part of your study (e.g for Honours Degree, or any other research subjects)
• leading or managing research projects as part of your work.
Discussion of the area of interest (approx. 350-400 words)
• Explain the specialisation of your current degree
• Explain the area (topic) of your research interest (be as specific as you can)
• How does it connect to your specialisation (if not - why7)
• What affected your choice?
Significance of the chosenStea (approx. 600-700 words): And three (3) academic sources on this topic and describe how they explain the significance of your chosen area of research, e.g lack of research, practical importance for the field
• In the area of your interest, what are some problems that the authors of the identified sources addressed7 How do they justify their importance7
• What questions do they leave unanswered7 (gaps in research))
• Support your ideas with references to these sources
Reference list (3 sources minimum)
• Use APA style in the text and in the reference list
• Include all the sources which you referred to in the text of your paper (e.g the 3 sources that you identified and any other references you used in the text)
• Do not include any sources that you did not use in the text of your paper
• Use alphabetical order to list the references

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1652 words including References

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