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Comparing two poems on American experience: -I Hear America Singing- and -I, Too, Sing America-
DIRECTIONS: In -I Hear America Singing- by Walt Whitman and -I, Too, Sing America- by Langston Hughes, the two poets wrote about distinctly American themes. In what ways were their approaches similar? In what ways were they different?
Find words or lines in -I Hear America Singing- and -I, Too, Sing America- to support the statements indicated in the chart below. Fill in the appropriate box with the evidence you gather. You may find that a few of the statements are not supported by evidence in the poem at all. Or, they may be contradicted by the poem. If the detail given is not supported or is contradicted, check the box in the far right-hand column.
Name Date
Statement -1 Hear America Singing- (Supply supporting evidence from poem) -1, Too, Sing America- (Supply supporting evidence from poem) Not in Either Poem (check box)
The poem relates a personal experience.
The poem relates common experiences.
The poet explicitly states the message of the poem.
The poem describes a variety of events, many of which could be happening at the same time.
The poet uses elevated language.
The poet uses the language of the poems subjects.
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Title: Comparison of two poems

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