Recent Question/Assignment

To build your project, create a project in VSCode or the IDE of your choice. Remember that to create a project in VSCode, press CTRL P and then type in create Java Project. Choose no build tools and name it appropriately. You will need to submit a zip file of your entire project structure.
• For this project, you will need to build a Flashcard Application. Here are examples of a flashcard app:
o Java SCJP Certification (Chap 2) - Object Orientation Flashcards -
o (21) How to use Flash Cards - Study Tips - Spaced Repetition - YouTube
In order to get 55-60%, this Flashcard app must be able to do the following:
• Use a GUI interface created with JavaFX / SceneBuilder (Module 7,8)
• Have at least 10 Java 2 study questions and answers that you have created yourself, stored in a flat file
• Load the questions from the flat file and cycle through each question as a flashcard for the user to view.
• Allow the user to exit the app or to cycle through the cards again after the last card was displayed.
To get a higher mark, impress me! Make the interface impressive. Add extra functionality. Make me say ‘cool!’ as I mark it ;-
Also, marks will be added or subtracted based on the quality of your code. Writing all of your logic code in the controller class will cost you! Remember that we never want our core logic or domain classes to need to know anything about the outside world like user interfaces, databases, etc.
There are many flashcard apps and websites out there. Perhaps you should look at a few of them for ideas. Feel free to run an idea by me and I’ll tell you what I think
That’s it folks! You may notice that there isn’t a lot of detail here. That’s on purpose! I want you to dream up some cool stuff and turn it into reality! Make sure you get the basics working well before swinging for the fences.
Also remember that you can ask me questions anytime between now and the due date!