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Identify and critique organisational models of innovation management
The Program Learning Outcomes related to this assessment are:
Integrate business knowledge, social intelligence and ethical decision-making in ways that are inclusive and culturally appropriate to produce outcomes that are impactful, sustainable and fair.
Coherently articulate technical and conceptual business knowledge that is both contemporary and interdisciplinary.
The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to apply your critical thinking skills. This requires you to write an argumentative essay in the context of innovation management.
Your essay is written from the perspective of a university student who is studying the management of innovation. In the essay, you will apply critical thinking skills to argue a specific point of view regarding the practice of innovation.
Assessment details
You will learn from this 12-module course that the management of innovation within the corporate context (medium to large enterprises) is a multi-faceted endeavour that occurs at all levels within the organisation. Demonstration of that learning will require you to apply critical thinking as you argue to show understanding of the many, often competing, viewpoints. One such viewpoint is that innovation is complex, uncertain, and almost impossible to manage.
Your task is to write an argumentative essay in which you critically argue in favour of, or against, the above (underlined) viewpoint. This assessment requires that you focus your arguments on the challenges (and remedies?) associated with the various sub-sets of managing innovation.
To be clear, arguments must be balanced across all four modules, which is reflected in the marking rubric. Select specific concepts, models, theories, frameworks, or tools that you found particularly useful to support those arguments. Critical thinking requires you to make arguments rather than describe materials covered in this course. In those arguments, draw on specific examples of your learnings from each of the first four Modules of this course. As you argue, apply relevant specialist terminology and demonstrate relevance to contemporary creativity and innovation practices. Where possible and appropriate, support your arguments with real-world industry examples.
Important requirements:
• Your chosen examples (concepts, models, theories, frameworks, or tools) must originate from the materials presented in the first four modules in this course. Do not include examples from elsewhere.
• There is no upper limit to the number of examples you may wish to select from each module.
• You should include at least two examples of theories and two examples of tools among your examples across the four modules.
• Please be guided by the marking rubric when writing your essay. The four Canvas modules that you must cover each carries a heavy weighting (20%) in the assessment criteria.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1797 words including References

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