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Document Title: Knowledge overview Assessment Workbook 1 – Task 1 Knowledge Questions (RESEARCH)
Document Subtitle: SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experiences

Declarations 4

What is the objective of the task?
To demonstrate knowledge request for this task, you should demonstrate essential knowledge required following
What must you do?
Respond to all questions using the resources provided.
Time allocation: Refer to your education plan/student program guide/Timetable
Your task: Complete questions 1-31.
• Learner guide
• Internet (Computer)
• Student activity workbook – refer to the knowledge overview
• Textbooks (if applicable)
• Annex attachments (if applicable)
Submission instructions
• You are required to always complete all the questions and follow the submission instructions.
• This Assessment is an ‘Open Book Written Evaluation.’ Given this is a ‘Learning-Based Assessment Task,’ it will need to use the Internet for complex Research and other existing Resources. Including your Learner Guide and the Annexures. Refer to the ‘Knowledge Introduction Section’ of the ‘Student Activities Workbook’ as a reference.
• Refer to your provided simulated or organisational policies and procedures as needed.
• Ask your assessor to rephrase where possible to clarify the tasks requirements. Your assessor will not be able to help you with the task’s completion.
• You must write legibly if the assessment questions are handwritten. The RTO’s Authenticity Policy must be in connection with typed responses. You are needed to submit a hard copy to your assessor, and prior to submitting your assessment, you will be needed to print and sign each page. (Not required if submitting via an LMS)
• Ensure you complete and sign statements in Assessment Task Coversheet on the following pages. (Not required if submitting via an LMS).
• Return your assessment set by your assessor by the date in your student program guide or training plan.
• Do not use plagiarism. The applicable declaration must be signed. If not submitted via LMS.
• If you need any acceptable adjustments made to the assessment task, talk to your assessor, who will establish a fair and flexible approach to your needs. The appropriate adjustment applied will NOT, in any circumstances, jeopardise the results required to achieve a satisfactory result.
• Feedback will be provided formally, and one must sign the assessment after each evaluation task as evidence of the input supplied.
• For complaints and appeals, please refer to the student handbook.
o Reassessment: - If you do not achieve the required satisfactory outcome, you will be given two (2) further attempts with good feedback. An Assessor will talk to you about a resubmission if your assessor marks any of your answers incorrect for this assessment task. One of the following will be required by you:
o Submit in writing the questions that were incorrect.
o Or the questions that were incorrect are to be submitted verbally.
• You must respond to each question satisfactorily to obtain an overall ‘Satisfactory’ outcome.

Guide to knowledge assessment responses
In the following written questions, a range of instructional words,’ such as ‘identity’ or ‘explain,’ is used. These words are to guide students as to how the question should be answered. Use the definitions below to aid you to determine whether the student has given enough detail (For this guide, the minimum level of response is needed).
? Analyse – when a question asks students to “Analyse,” it should be done in detail, identifying critical points and critical features. Students are expected in one to two paragraphs to write a response.
? Compare – when a question requests students to ‘compare, they should show how similar two or more things are, ensuring they also indicate the consequences. Students are expected in one to two paragraphs to write a response.
? Contrast – for questions asking students to contrast,’ they will need to show how two or more things are different, ensuring they indicate the relevance or the consequences. Students need to write a response of one or two paragraphs in length.
? Debating – when a question asks students to ‘discuss,’ they are required to point out essential issues or functions and express some form of critical judgment. It is expected to write a response of one or two paragraphs in length.
? Describe – for the question asked to get students to ‘describe,’ they will need to state the most noticeable qualities or features. They are expected to write a reaction of two to three sentences in length.
? Evaluate – When asked to ‘evaluate,’ they must do so by placing arguments with the pros and cons. A response in writing of up to one to two paragraphs in length is expected.
? Examine: – is when a student is asked a question, such as to ‘Examine,’ which is similar to ‘Analyse.’ A Student will need to give a detailed response with critical points and features and give a critical analysis. Students are expected to write a reaction of one to two paragraphs in length.
? Explain – when questions are asked to ‘explain,’ they will need to clarify how or why something has happened or the way it is. It is expected that two to three sentences in length responses are written.
? Identify – when a question asks students not to ‘identify,’ they must describe the required information briefly. They are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
? List – when a question asks students to ‘list,’ this means they will need to briefly state information in a list format, often with a specific number of items indicated.
? Outline – when a question asks students to ‘outline,’ giving only the main points. Students are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
? Summarise – when a question asks students to ‘summarise,’ this is similar to ‘outline,’ only giving the main points. Students are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
Task Declaration: Signature Date
Task 1: Knowledge overview Assessment Workbook 1 – Research knowledge questions I confirm all instructions have been read and understood. My responsibilities and requirements for this assessment are explained.
Note: The above declarations are only required if you are not submitting via the LMS as applicable to your situation
Assessor declaration
I acknowledge I have informed the student about the following information:
Performance and knowledge evidence requirements conducted on and off the job (as required) ?Yes
I am a qualified assessor as determined by the RTO, and thus all assessment outcomes will be determined by me ?Yes
Of all aspects of the student agreement ?Yes
Of the reassessment process ?Yes
Of their responsibilities and ensured they are understood ?Yes
Of their rights concerning the complaints and appeals process ?Yes
Reasonable adjustment when there are assessment constraints present ?Yes
Record any variation, i.e., if you have not covered any of the abovementioned points, which must be listed here.
I confirm that I have explained the assessment requirement as outlined above before the commencement of the assessment activity
Assessor Signature
Note: The above declarations are only required if you are not submitting via the LMS as applicable to your situation
Student declaration
Before assessment tasks commence, I must:
Advise my assessor of any special need’s considerations ?Yes
Refer to my student handbook for procedures to appealing judgment outcomes when appealing a decision ?Yes
Review the reassessment requirements as outlined in the student handbook ?Yes
I understand when the reasonable adjustment will be applied ?Yes
I agree to comply with all the requirements and conditions applicable to all assessments ?Yes
I permit the RTO to use my assessment submissions for moderation/validation purposes. ?Yes
Record any variation, i.e., if you have not covered any of the abovementioned points, that must be listed here.
Student Signature
Hien Date 8/8/2022
Note: The above declarations are only required if you are not submitting via the LMS as applicable to your situation
Q Questions
1 Describe the following conflict resolution techniques ?
1.1 Accommodating
1.2 Avoiding
1.3 Collaborating
1.4 Compromising
1.5 Competing
2 Identify ten steps you would follow to resolve conflict. ?
3 Describe five reasons why it is important to gather customer feedback ?

4 Describe five strategies appropriate to hospitality that you can implement to gather effective customer feedback. ?
5 Describe what you should do with the feedback received in relation to the five strategies when implementing and gathering effective customer feedback ?
6 Outline five strategies you could implement to identify customer’s needs ?
7 Identify three factors required to ensure customer feedback is effective ?
8 Identify and explain eight different factors that help you deliver superior service to customers ?
9 Why is following up with clients important? Explain your answer ?
10 Identify and describe the two dimensions of service ?
11 Describe the five elements of quality service ?
11.1 Reliability
11.2 Assurance
11.3 Tangible
11.4 Empathy
11.5 Responsiveness
12 Outline the six different common customer needs, and how you can address them. ?
12.1 To feel welcome
12.2 To be understood
12.3 To feel comfortable
12.4 To feel appreciated
12.5 To feel important
12.6 To be respected
13 Service breakdowns occur whenever any product or service fails to meet the customers’ expectations. Describe the steps you would take to rectify a service breakdown. ?
14 Identify and explain six things you should know about your customer ?
15 Describe two techniques you could use to anticipate your customers’ needs and expectations throughout the service ?

16 Describe the two techniques you could use to anticipate your customers’ needs and expectations throughout the service ?
16.1 Respect
16.2 Integrity
17 Describe three different client reward / loyalty programs that are used in the hospitality industry, along with their benefit for a commercial restaurant ?

18 Describe five essential features that should be in any good customer database ?
19 Describe two scenarios where the use of customer databases will help a hospitality-based organisation ?
20 Describe three different customer service need / expectations that relate to the hospitality environment ?
21 Describe three main factors that must be considered when determining compensation for dissatisfied customers ?
22 What would be the industry acceptable response time for resolving or responding to a complaint? ?
23 Describe an acceptable response for the following customer complaints ?
23.1 incorrect pricing or quotes
23.2 delays or errors in providing products or services
23.3 misunderstanding of customer requests
23.4 escalated complaints or disputes
23.5 other team members or suppliers not providing special requests
23.6 misunderstandings or communication barriers
23.7 unmet expectations of, or problems or faults with, a service or product
24 Outline the twenty various extras and add-ons to enhance the customer experience available ?
25 Apart from providing discounts or free food, identify five other methods you can use to help compensate dissatisfied customers ?
26 Identify four triggers / identifiers that will alert you to a customer that may have a special or specific need ?
27 Describe the three different types of communication systems including when they are used and what their purpose is ?
27.1 Two-way radios with or without headsets
27.2 WI-FI phones
27.3 POS system
28 Outline the five principles and benefits of enhanced customer service experiences and positive communication. ?

29 Detail, what five common characteristics represent quality service to customers? ?
30 Detail seven professional service standards and protocols for service industry personnel that must be provided to enhance customer service experiences ?
30.1 Greet the table.
30.2 Take the drink order
30.3 Get the appetiser order
30.4 Serve the meals
30.5 Check in with customers
30.6 Clear dishes and mention dessert
30.7 Present the bill
31 Detail the six protocols restaurant owners/managers should implement for them to be on the path to securing enhanced customer service ?
31.1 Hire great people
31.2 Provide quality training to staff
31.3 Automate systems
31.4 Offer a delivery service
31.5 Get customer feedback
31.6 Don’t stagnate
32 Describe in detail why it is important for all personnel in the restaurant business to have a positive attitude and present with quality attributes expected by the service industry to work with customers, to enhance customer service experiences ?
33 You are about to take over the operations of a café facing enormous competition from other food outlets in a shopping centre. Over the past three years, the café has lost trade. The new owner has hired a new chef and changed the menu, and now she has hired you to take care of service front-of-house. The owner has asked you to write a customer service policy: ?
33.1 Define the four types of key customer market segments that allows you to target customers based on unique characteristics, create more effective marketing campaigns, and find opportunities in your market. Provide an example of each type. Describe in detail 8 benefits to market segmentation.
33.2 Provide ways to enhance the customer experience that may also be a point of difference for the café (differentiating it from other food outlets). Responses should include the following:
1. Excellent product knowledge
2. Train employees in customer empathy
3. Resolve customer issues at their first point of contact.
4. Making your contact personal.
33.3 Detail five ways to motivate your internal customers to look after your external customers
33.4 Write a 10-step procedure for complaints handling and dealing with complaints, including discounts for potentially dissatisfied customers
33.5 Explain the importance of gathering feedback, how you will obtain feedback (describe eight methods), and record feedback on efforts to achieve standards of efficiency and effectiveness; these approaches can be formal or informal
33.6 Write a procedure for designated response times for providing service and resolving complaints
33.7 Outline seven ways you can promote your services to be offered at the café.
34 What is the most important thing you can do to improve relationships with your customers? The answer is as obvious as it is overlooked: improve customer service. No matter how great your product is or how talented your staff is, one of the things that customers are most likely to remember is the direct interaction they have with your company.
Bottom line, your customer service team is often the face of your company, and customers’ experiences will be defined by the skill and quality of the support they receive.
A strong company will already have great customer relationships. But a smart company will always be asking “What is good customer service?” Good customer service centres around carefully listening and attending to your customers’ needs and desires. If you are not constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve your customer service, then your relationships will stagnate.
Describe in detail how you can attract more customers to your restaurant by providing the following customer service experience suggestions: ?
34.1 Discount vouchers to attend at a future time
34.2 Describe and discuss six inexpensive add-on products an establishment can offer on top of your flagship product for free.
34.3 What does restaurant get out of online giveaways? Discuss eight benefits to providing online giveaways.
34.4 Describe and discuss ten Restaurant Giveaway Best Practices processes
34.5 Describe ten Customer Service Skills that every employee needs to provide special attention during the service period
34.6 Detail and discuss six service tips for identifying ways to better serve customers on the next attendance.
35 Describe and discuss how you can effectively deal with an unhappy customer and retain them as a loyal customer? ?
36 Outline three methods of providing compensation for dissatisfied customers. Give at least three examples of offering you can make? ?
37 Cultural awareness and sensitivity are extremely important at your hotel, from both a guest and staff perspective. Wherever your hotel is situated you must consider that the culture of visitors may be quite different to yours, and it’s also likely you will hire staff from diverse backgrounds too. Including this in your hotel management strategy will improve your level of guest and staff satisfaction, resulting in better reviews and an improved reputation for your business.
Discuss the most important tips you should take note of when ensuring awareness of special needs, customs, and practices of various social and cultural groups of customers in regard to: ?
37.1 modes of greeting, farewelling, and conversation
37.2 body language and body gestures.
37.3 formality of language
37.4 clothing
38 Discuss the following methods of collecting informal and formal feedback. ?
38.1 Customer feedback surveys
38.2 Exploratory customer interviews
38.3 Personal interview checklist
38.4 Put it in Writing. Feedback Forms with structured questioning
38.5 observation
38.6 Casual discussion or conversations
39 What are the 9 C’s of Communication? Please explain in detail the essential features, conventions, and usage of different types of communication techniques and equipment.
40 Discuss the essential features, conventions, and usage of different types of communication equipment tools businesses can use to communicate with Customers. ?
To speak directly with customers, research the following apps:
Owner Listens
Five stars
To get feedback from your customer research the following feedback tools:
To communicate with your customers real time research the following apps:
Live Agent
For scheduling tools research
Pro-Business Tools
For virtual meeting tools:
41 Communication Equipment are devices that aid in the communication process between individuals. They have escalated in the recent decades to the extent that society is spoilt with choices in the way they send and receive information. These days, communications are run by software. However, the hardware still remains important. Communication Equipment exist in various forms, each with their own operational way and usage. ?
41.1 What is communication equipment?
41.2 Discuss the essential features, conventions, and usage of the six common types of communication equipment used in a restaurant
To be completed by the assessor. For assessment completed via the LMS then this document is not required to be completed
Learner details Assessor details
Name DUC HIEN NGUYEN Name Ravinder Singh
Unit Code SITXCCS007 Unit Title Enhance customer service experiences
ASSESSORS NOTE Determine the student’s ability to apply and perform criteria satisfactorily. Review the knowledge evidence by clicking on the link Marking should be in line with the model answers provided as applicable as this assessment task underpins the knowledge evidence. All questions deemed satisfactory to achieve a satisfactory outcome for this task. If an NS outcome supplied for any section or questions relating to this task, apply the reassessment process. In this case, inform the student in detail “why” an NS outcome was provided. Record your reasons in the section labelled “Not satisfactory (NS) outcomes.” See below for recording appropriate information
Assessment activity - The learner has completed all the assessments requirements for this unit of competency and deemed: Outcome Date of outcome
Task 1– Knowledge overview Assessment Workbook 1 – Research knowledge Questions ?Satisfactory ? Not satisfactory
Attempts -
Attempt 1 …../……/……. Attempt 2 …../……/……. Attempt 3 …../.…../…..
Not satisfactory (NS) Outcomes
Question number Why has an NS (Not Satisfactory) outcome been applied?
Complaints and appeals
If a Not Satisfactory assessment result is received, refer the student to the complaints and appeals process outlined in the student handbook
Assessor Feedback to the learner: Where can the student improve? Feedback MUST be constructive and not generic
Reasonable adjustment (if applicable) Was proper adjustment applied? Please detail what reasonable adjustment was applied
Assessor Intervention (if applicable) - Did the student need assistance? If so, please explain
Assessor name Assessor signature Date
Student declaration - I declare this assessment:
• Is my work based on my study?
• Where applicable, references for all material and resources used in this assessment’s content regardless of the reference material used, such as books, articles, reports, internet searches, or any other document or personal communication.
• It is my work.
• Is not copied from other students work in part or whole
• Is not plagiarised
Student name DUC HIEN NGUYEN Student signature Hien Date 8/8/2022