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Assignment – Hardware Security
Question In this assignment, you have to implement a Differential Fault Attack on AES. You would be supplied with two pairs of faulty and correct ciphertext and using that you need to recover the first column (first 32 bits) of the round 10 key. The two pairs of faulty and correct ciphertext for each group are as given below:
Group 6: Correct Ciphertext1: 0x3bbef03bda5e6125efc486d2fe0821d5
Correct Ciphertext2: 0x5d384a1c2fe264e6932b1762170c1e12
Faulty Ciphertext1: 0x56fa7358210307a95c322f931df5be7b
Faulty Ciphertext2: 0x46b15f4bdb9f30fa1d4ae117979899f7
Deliverables: 1. Even though you are working in group, you need to submit solutions individually.
2. The solution for the assignment should be submitted as a zip file. The file should be named as
3. The submission should contain the following: • A python file. • The report (as pdf).

A ZIP Archive with 4 files

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 858 words

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