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Count: 1000-1200 words
Your written essay is an individual essay which includes your personal experience of working as a group in Part 2A of this assessment.
Students are required to write an essay which includes:
¦ Details about the allocated topic from the presentation-this is NOT a reproduction of the PowerPoint but instead is each student's individual understanding of the topic
¦ A written reflection on their group's processes and group dynamics and how individual tasks were managed, focusing on the student's own experience in preparing for their group presentation and their experience of delivering their individual contribution
This might include:
Adoption of group roles and responsibilities
Use of negotiation and leadership skills
Responsiveness to feedback from group members
Management of any conflict
Impact of practice recordings compared with final, submitted recording

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1349 words including References

Available part are first 4 mechanism denial , displacement, projection and rationalization

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