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Assessment Tasks and Instructions
Student Name
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Course and Code
Unit(s) of Competency and Code(s) SITHCCC012 Prepare poultry dishes
Assessment for this Unit of Competency/Cluster Details
Assessment 1 Assignment
Assessment 2 Practical Observation
Assessment 3
Assessment conducted in this instance: Assessment 1 1 2 0 3 0
Reasonable Adjustment
1. Has reasonable adjustment been applied to this assessment?
No 0 No further information required
Yes 0 Complete 2.
2. Provide details for the requirements and provisions for adjustment of assessment:
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Assessment Guidelines
What will be assessed
The purpose of this assessment is to assess your knowledge required to complete the tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit:
• culinary terms and trade names for:
o ingredients commonly used in the production of different poultry dishes
o a variety of classical and contemporary poultry dishes
o different cuts of poultry and styles of cooking
• contents of stock date codes and rotation labels
• characteristics of poultry products and poultry dishes:
o appearance
o fat content
o freshness and other quality indicators
o nutritional value
o taste
o texture
• historical and cultural origin of different poultry products and poultry dishes
• essential characteristics of poultry types listed in the performance evidence and cuts
• preparation techniques for different cuts and types of poultry specified in the performance evidence
• cookery methods for different cuts and types of poultry specified in the performance evidence
• equipment used to produce poultry dishes:
o knife care and maintenance
o essential features and functions
o safe operating practices
• mise en place requirements for poultry dishes
• appropriate environmental conditions for storing poultry products and dishes to:
o ensure food safety
o optimise shelf life
• safe operational practices using essential functions and features of equipment used to produce poultry dishes.
Place/Location where assessment will be conducted
RTO to complete
Resource Requirements
Pen, paper, calculator, internet access
Instructions for assessment including WHS requirements
You are required to address each question in this assessment.
Once you have completed all questions, check all responses and calculations.
Your trainer will be providing you with feedback.
Statement of Authenticity
I acknowledge that I understand the requirements to complete the assessment tasks
The assessment process including the provisions for re-submitting and academic appeals were explained to me and I understand these processes
I understand the consequences of plagiarism and confirm that this is my own work and I have acknowledged or referenced all sources of information I have used for the purpose of this assessment
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Assessment 1
Your task:
You are required to complete all questions and tasks for this assignment. All tasks and exercises are based on the theory content and recipes contained in your workbook/ online unit.
The information you provide in this assignment may be followed-up with questions from your trainer before the final practical assessment. It is therefore essential that you have sufficient knowledge to explain and substantiate all information you provide in this paper.

1. You arrive at work to start your shift. List 5 methods you could use to identify the mise en place and preparation requirements for your shift:
Methods to identify mise en place and preparation requirements
2. List 6 quality points of poultry.
Quality points
3. List four “game birds” and list the general cooking requirements for each:
Game birds Cooking Requirements

4. List and describe five portion cuts for poultry.
Portion cuts Description
5. You need to prepare chicken ballotines filled with a chicken farce and you are starting with a whole chicken.
a. Which equipment and utensils would be required to complete this task including de-boning and cutting the whole chicken?
b. What are the safety requirements which must be considered?
c. What are the requirements for assembling the food processor in a safe and hygienic manner?
d. What are the requirements for ensuring the sharpness of knives is maintained during the preparation of poultry? How is this done?
Equipment and utensils required
Safety requirements
Safe and hygienic assembly of food processor

Methods and procedure to ensure sharpness of knives

6. List 3 methods of trussing and describe how they are done.
Trussing Description
7. Provide 4 reasons for trussing.
8. What are the storage, temperature and thawing requirements for frozen poultry?

Storage requirements Storage temperature Thawing requirements

9. What are the storage requirements for cooked poultry products on display or for sale or further use,
including labelling where relevant?
Storage Requirements
10. What is the purpose of a marinade? List the 2 different types of marinades and provide 2 menu examples for their applications:
Purpose of a Marinade
Type of Marinade Menu Examples
1. 1.
2. 1.
11. As a guideline, what is the approximate cooking time per kg of poultry for roasting?
o How can you check whether the bird is cooked?
o How would this differ if a bird is filled with a stuffing?
Cooking time and variance for stuffed birds
12. Provide a brief description for the following cookery methods applied to suitable types and different cuts of poultry. Also provide 1 menu example for each method:
Cookery methods Description of application and use of suitable cuts and or types of bird
Shallow Poaching
Deep Poaching
Sauté Chicken
13. List 6 important hygiene factors which must be applied when handling and processing poultry:
Hygiene Factors
14. Calculations
You require 3.200 kg of chicken meat to produce a farce. A chicken size 16 has a net yield of 70 % meat.
a. What is the total weight of chicken you would require expressed in 0.000 Kg? (round your answer to 3 decimal places)
b. How many whole chickens size 16 would you need to order from stores?
15. Select 3 different dishes using poultry and game birds and provide a suitable starch, accompaniment and sauce for each dish:
Menu Example Starch, Accompaniment, Sauce

16. Provide a brief overview of the nutritional values of poultry in general, turkey specifically and game birds like emu and ostrich:
Nutritional Value of poultry
Nutritional Value of turkey
Nutritional Value of emu and ostrich
17. What are the typical steps involved for carving poultry as part of a presentation, buffet or function to ensure correct portioning and mix of meat? How would this vary for emu or ostrich meat?
Steps for carving poultry
Steps for carving ostrich or emu meat
18. You are working in saucier section of a hotel. You are preparing various poultry cuts and feathered game for a function.
1. What is required to ensure a food safe workspace and equipment during preparation and service and at the end of the shift?
2. What does this need to include to prevent wastage of leftovers or by-products from preparation? List 2 examples of how offcuts and trimmings from poultry and feathered game could be used to boost food costs.

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