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Follow the task for the assignment.
The First file attached is my previous work the expert must follow the idea. Please read that assessment 2 is completed and graded already the lecture wants to include these steps below in the next one.
How about discussing options you decided were not well suited to your venture?
What are the unique unmet needs of your target market and how will your idea enable your target market to do something they cannot do themselves? You could have also provided more discussion on how lean business start-up concepts and principles will potentially help your venture succeed. Are the concepts you are learning in class helpful in bringing your idea to life?
You are now ready to analyze the market viability of your own venture and determine the GO/NOGO decision. The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your knowledge of all lean principles, methods, and tools you have studied in modules 1-4 and how they apply to your own venture.
You will analyze the readiness of your venture for your market and the readiness of your market for your venture, and reach a conclusion around the market viability of your venture.
Briefly outline your business venture.
2. Lean Start-Up methods you have used. Outline activities you have undertaken, aligning them with methods you have studied in this subject. Include your analysis of the cycles, validation, and learning.
Tools you have used.
3Provide tools such as the Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, and other tools used as part of developing your business ideas, assumptions, and planning. These may be provided as attachments.
4. Identify stakeholders and consumers in your tests. Provide both details and analysis of why specific people were targetted and why they represent the identified market for your venture.
5. Risk management strategies. Identify the risk management strategies you used and any you have identified for the future of your proposed venture. Include any revisions as you have conducted testing and learning.
6. Results of your testing with the market. Analyze and provide your results. These may be provided as attachments.
7. MVP and MVP strategy. Outline your approach to your MVP, its type, and the strategy to develop.
8. GO/NOGO. Outline your final analysis of the venture’s market readiness.
9. Summary. Briefly summarise your market viability as identified in your analysis.
10. Attachments. Examples of marketing testing results. Completed tools used. Example of your MVP. Correctly cited references.
To help the expert the second file is assignment 3 already but focuses on another kind of product, the assignment is just an example of how the job must be done it!
Remember the assignment must follow the line of assessment 2 which talks about a Swim School-based for the Brazilian community in the Sydney area.
The Third file is attached are the module slides 1 to 4.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2838 words including figures and References

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