Recent Question/Assignment

In this assignment, you will be provided with the power consumption of the last round of AES. The
power traces are obtained from SAKURA-G platform that runs an implementation of AES-128 on a
Spartan-6 FPGA. The power trace is stored in a CSVfile, where each rowindicates the power consumption
of one AES execution. For every row, the first entry is plaintext, the second entry is ciphertext, and
all the subsequent entries are power consumption values. Your task is to write a code for Correlation
Power Attack, and use that code on the given power trace to recover the target byte assigned to your
group. The target byte assignment for the groups are given below.
I need to find 9th byte
1I need to find 9th byte
2. Even though you are working in group, you need to submit solutions individually.
3. The solution for the assignment should be submitted as a zip file. The file should be named as
4. The submission should contain the following:
• A python file.
• The report (as pdf).