Recent Question/Assignment

Course Name: Project Management
Code: POM-406
Sem.: 4th
Total Marks=30
Important Instructions
i. Attempt all questions from each assignment given below.
ii. Each assignment carries 15 marks.
iii. All questions are to be attempted in legible handwriting on plane white A-4 size paper and upload the scanned copy of the assignments on student’s portal.
1. Describe the various structure of Project financing with their merits and demerits.
2. Define the concept of project valuation. Explain the various techniques of project valuation.
3. Give the details of complexities faced in project valuation of emerging market.
4. Write a detail note on the followings:
a) BOT
d) BOO
5. Explain the political risk faced during the evaluation of project.
6. Define the process of project financing. Also give light on loan syndication facility for project.