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Introduction to Hardware Security
Assignment 1 Due Date: July 18, 2022 (11:59 PM)
General Instructions:
• Only electronic submissions will be accepted.
• Late submissions will have penalties.
• Any sort of plagiarism will be penalised. If you are referring to any materials online or books, please cite them accordingly otherwise it will be considered as plagiarism.
• Please submit a detailed report explaining how you have solved the assignment.
In this assignment, you will be provided with the power traces of AES. The power traces are stored in a CSV file, where each row indicates the power consumption of one AES execution. For every row, the first entry is plaintext, the second entry is ciphertext, and all the subsequent entries are power consumption values. Your task is to write a code for Difference of Mean Attack, and use that code on the given power traces to recover the 4th and 5th bytes of the secret key used in the AES execution.
Note: You will be provided with a CSV files, you have to use one according to your group number. (e.g., if your group number is 6, then use HW power trace 6.csv) Deliverables:
2. The solution for the assignment should be submitted as a zip file. The file should be named
3. The submission should contain the following:
• A python file.
• The report (as pdf).

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