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Universal Business School Sydney
T2 2022
Financial Management
Due date Friday Week 10 11.59 pm
Weight 15%
Marks for assignment 50
The Research Report should contain no more than 2,000 words, excluding references.
Submission via Turn-it-in on Moodle and strict adherence to submission and uploading rules to be followed. All parts should be answered.
All references and examples must be within an Australian context.
Scope of the research can include Academic articles and journals, and relevant Books. Students are encouraged to use the e-library resources.
Assignment Topics
Complete all questions
A. Explain different dividend policies adopted by companies and describe factors influencing dividend policies. 10 marks
B. Business valuation: students are required to value an ASX300 company from the following two and compute the value of the business using publicly available information (e.g., annual reports). 40 marks
a. Woolworths Ltd
b. Westfarmers Ltd
Students are required to discuss and apply different business valuation techniques, based on this review student groups are then required to make a recommendation for the most appropriate valuation technique.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2234 words including References

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