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Exercise 5
5.1 Describe the safety responsibilities of management and other ‘key personnel’ under the Civil Aviation Act 1988. What do you understand by the term ‘corporate killing’?
5.2 Describe the relationship between a quality management system and a safety management system. Can you have an effective safety management system without an established quality system?
5.3 Describe the various steps of establishing a Safety Management System to your workplace or a hypothetical aviation organisation.
5.4 In your opinion could a more robust SMS have prevented the MH 17 accident?
Exercise 6
6.1 Provide a brief account of the development and study of aviation human factors in Australia.
6.2 Are ‘multicultural’ flight crews a safety hazard? Explain your answer with reference to specific case studies and recent (after 2010) aircraft accidents.
6.3 Write a brief essay on the importance of education and training of aviation personnel in human factors. Discuss the development of such training.
6.4 Do you consider it necessary to develop a learning culture in order to establish a ‘healthy’ safety culture? What are the steps required in ‘creating’ a learning culture?
6.5 Provide an overview of the advantages of either the LOSA/TEM training in terms of improving levels of safety.
Exercise 7
Write an essay of approximately 500 words on any one of the following topics.
7.1 Provide a brief account of the development and evolution of the philosophy of CRM training.
7.2 Write a brief essay on the advantages of Fifth Generation CRM philosophy.
7.3 Use the case study of the BEA Staines Trident accident to highlight the importance of CRM training for flight crew.
7.4 Use any case study to highlight the importance of situational awareness training for flight crew.
7.5 What is maintenance resource management?

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