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Hello team,
You can find below the assignment I need help with. Basically I would need someone who is creative enough to help with a crazy innovative idea for it.
the output is a beautifully drafted ppt.
Deadline is tomorrow around this time of the day.
Please provide me with a quote.
You’ve been recently appointed as Portfolio manager at CLEANSHAVE, a leading company when it comes to electronic shavers.
As first order of business, you’ve been tasked to come up with an innovative proposition, to enter a new segment – disposable one-time use razor. Your main competitor and biggest player in the market, JOLETTE, has a big base in the 36 to 55 age men, that enjoys the simplicity and quality of their products, widely available and reasonable prices.

What will be your approach to analyze the market, and define the business opportunity?
Who is your target audience?
Describe the proposition (features, pricing strategy, packaging…)?
What will be your communication strategy and channel(s)?
Your distribution plan?
Services/offers you’d like to deploy (at the time of the launch or after)?
P.S: whatever information is missing – you can come up with it; Be creative.

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