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Due 8 Jul, 8:00 pm
Due on 8 Jul 2022 (Week 9) • 15% •
Work Breakdown
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This can be done as an individual, or in a group. Every group member must contribute roughly an equal portion. The title page should indicate all group members (name, student number) and their contribution. Every group member must turn in a copy of the assignment. The assignment is due by the end of the class (20:00) on 8 Jul 2022.
You are organizing a two week tour of scenic locations in British Columbia, Canada. It will contain the use of air travel, rail travel, and ferry travel, as well as driving; it will have hotel stays, wilderness camping, and sleep on a boat. The project is to organize this trip, booking all the facilities used, attracting tour participants, etc. Build a work breakdown structure (WBS) to put this trip together.