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this second assessment is about creating a business
I did a presentation in Canvas for the teacher and I spoke about my business I have a Swim Club only for the Brazilian community in Sydney I score 71.00 in the presentation but the teacher wants to see this on the proposal. Because I need to try to sell this idea to a big company.
While you define your target market, what are their unmet needs?
How will you differentiate your offer from the competition?
What might be the TAM (total addressable market) for your idea?
Is the market big enough for your business to scale revenues and become successful? Pitch an idea to an investor.
Did you convince me your idea is a good idea that can scale and become successful? Did you include a reference list? (remember to include the answer of these questions in the proposal)
So now let's focus on the proposal.
Prepare a business investment proposal with the following components:
1. Introduction. Briefly outline your business venture.
2. Research and analyze investment options.
3. Communication strategy. Outline your communication strategy to approach and convince your chosen investors
4. Convincing argument. Outline your convincing argument to your chosen investors based on your validated hypotheses and Lean Canvas.
5. Summary. Briefly summarise your proposal to potential investors.
6. References. Correctly cited references.
7. Attachments. Provide your Lean Canvas as a pdf.
Attached first is an example of how should be the proposal helps the expert.
Some sources which might help the expert HOME | bracca
Also is attached the modules from the lecture but if the expert follows the first file proposal he will be fine of course consulting the material.
HOME | bracca
O BRACCA é uma organização sem fins lucrativos que ajuda a comunidade brasileira na Austrália.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1216 words including References


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