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Proposal for the dissertation on topic : How can affective leadership bring a massive change in the destiny of a company. 2000 words. Can be only as essay I can make a powerpoint myself from it. Must use some of this:
Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods by John W. Creswell
Business research Methods by Alan Bryman and Emma Bell
Research Methods for Business Students by Mark Saunders, Phillip Lewis and Adrian Thornhill
It should contain the following aspects:
Title/topic (1 slide) To ensure that your title and topic point directly to the focus of your research, check to see that key terms in the statement of the gap in the literature and the research aim are reproduced in the title.
i. Introduction to the project/dissertation (overview; context; aim & objectives: 1 aim and maximum 3 appropriate objectives)
ii. Brief Literature Review (on main scholarly areas of knowledge)
iii. Methodology (what kind of data and creative processes you will adopt to meet your chosen objectives/specifications)
iv. Potential outcomes
v. A conceptual map that outlines the concepts explored in the Literature Review
vi. Gantt Chart
vii. Risk Register
a. The resources you would need, what are the risk, where you lack resources, knowledge, access etc.
b. The knowledge you have and/or intend to gain during the project, how have you ensured you will be able to gain the knowledge you need for the successful completion of the dissertation.
c. Any health and safety issues that may arise.
d. Any other risks that you perceive for the dissertation.
viii. A list of the key reference sources for the project that you have identified. (10 references as a minimum).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2819 words including References

Title: How can effective leadership bring a massive change in the destiny of a company?

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