Recent Question/Assignment

I need the assignment by 8pm Adelaide.
Suggested structure for the Strategy White Paper about Digital Piracy:
1. Overview of the cybercrime (Digital Piracy)
o What is it
o Why it might occur
o It’s impact and outcomes
o Who are the victims and offenders
o What is the rate of this crime in Australia
2. Overview of situational crime prevention
o Strengths and limitations, generally
3. Highlight the existing prevention strategies and their strengths/limitations/challenges in terms of each of the below situational crime prevention techniques:
o Increasing the effort to offend
o Increasing the perceived risk of offending
o Reducing the reward of offending
o Reducing offender provocation
o Removing excuses
4. Discuss how techniques could be improved in the future, or where more research is necessary to understand the efficacy of prevention strategies. Highlight important considerations for the development of useful prevention strategies (i.e., pathways to offending, and how prevention strategies may best target those risk factors), and how some of the other strategies may be better employed (i.e., other primary, secondary or tertiary strategies)
Can use some references from this link