Recent Question/Assignment

After reading this excerpt from “Civil War Journal”, answer these 4 questions in paragraph format. Your responses should be a minimum of 100 words.
1. Refer to one or more details in the text to support your understanding of why Louisa May Alcott was anxious to participate, in some way, in the Civil War - both from ideas that are explicitly stated and ideas that you have inferred from clues in the text.
2. In paragraphs 7-10, Alcott bids an emotional goodbye for her trip. Why is leaving such a big decision for Louisa? What does her decision say about her character? Cite textual evidenced to support your answer.
3. As Louisa May Alcott begins her duties in Georgetown, she feels conflicting emotions. Cite evidence from the text that shows how she feels at the beginning of the new year, 1863.
4. Use context to determine the meaning of the word Spartan as it is used in Civil War Journal. Write your definition of Spartan here and tell how you found it.