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I have the attached project and need help on the same request quotation ASAP I have completed till Phase 2 need help on phase 3
Phase 3 of Project
The information gathered in Phase II will be explored further by applying a linear regression model and finding trends in data. Finally, time series forecasting will be used to make a managerial decision as a group. Also apply confidence interval level for data.
You can use any column or any data for arbitrary province for this phase of project.
Step 1. Using the Excel spreadsheet, calculate the linear regression forecast.
Step 2. Using the Excel spreadsheet, compare the forecast with the actual historical data.
Step 3. Using the Excel spreadsheet, calculate the correlation coefficient
Step 4. Using the Confidence Interval level with 95%.
Step 5. Write a 1000 to 1500 words report describing the results of linear regression forecast and correlation analysis.
5.1 What method was used for forecasting?
5.2 What were the forecast results?
5.3 How did the forecast results agree with the actual historical data?
5.4 How were the correlations calculated?
5.5 Write the conclusion about the reliability of forecasting and correlation analysis as applied in this project.
5.6 Explain about Confidence Interval.
Step 6. Integrate all phases in one file.