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Need help writing a presentation that’s due on June 18th. See attachment. The desired industry is marketing
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20 working days after deadline (L4, 5 and 7)
15 working days after deadline (L6)
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Unit title & code
Strategy and the Global Competitive Environment BSS058-6 Referral Assignment
Assignment number and title
1. Contemporary External Strategic Environment: Scenario Development
Assignment type
Weighting of assignment
Size or length of assessment
PowerPoint supported by extensive notes (total 2,400 words)
Unit learning outcomes
1. Nature and purpose of strategy, strategic analysis, its theoretical underpinnings and implications for marketing. Demonstrate an, analytic and persuasive understanding of the strategy process
2. Think strategically and increased confidence handling and discussing complex, current events; Deploy analytical tools of strategic and marketing management, synthesise, evaluate and develop appropriate strategic and marketing options.

What am I required to do in this assignment?
You will produce an artefact in the form of PowerPoint slides with supporting notes.
This will include identification of the key future trends in one of the industries listed below and assessment of the potential impact of these trends on the industry that you have chosen to study. Based on this analysis will create a scenario grid which develops 4 different scenarios for the industry. The scenarios must be described.
Choose one from the following or from the industry in which you currently work.
• Health and Social Care
• Logistics industry
• Oil and Gas
• Marketing industry
• Digital Technology Management
• Human Resource Management
• Finance
Many of these will have distinct sectors, so it is suggested that you focus on one sector rather than attempt a broad overview (make sure that you can get sufficient information).
This will be based on thorough analysis. Your PowerPoint should be no more than 10 slides. At the bottom of each slide (in the notes section of the slide), you must provide notes that provide further detail of the analysis and the scenario development. The total word count should total 2400 words so you need to be precise with the information shown in the slides and with the information in the notes.
You will be provided with a template with a suggested structure and an example of one slide to give you guidance. In order to successfully produce this you must
o Conduct a thorough analysis of the future trends and developments in your chosen industry sector
o You should use the findings from your analysis to develop identify two key areas that will drive the industry sector (these are known as ‘scenario dimensions’).
o Conduct the analysis using appropriate tools selected from your Strategy Toolbox.
o Provide appropriate references
o Produce slides and notes that are appropriate standard for a business meeting
*See marking criteria for more specific detail
What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)
Collect and critically analyse, to an acceptable level, relevant data to identify and analyse the given strategic environment from the perspective of a real firm select and apply relevant strategic frameworks or approaches to generate critical insights relevant to the organization.
Note: You do not analyse the firm but you will find it useful to identify a firm in order to select a particular industry for this assignment. In this assignment there is no need to make reference to the firm.
How do I produce high quality work that merits a good grade?
Produce a professional and compelling evaluation of a contemporary external environment and develop alternative scenarios based on this analysis. Produce detailed evidence notes showing the analysis that informs the development of the Scenarios. Assignments attracting the highest marks will be focused, analytical and evidenced thoroughly.
The slides should be well organized and clear with relevant information as if being prepared for a professional business.
Your submission is analytical throughout and draws on a good range of quality sources.
You should include key references in your slides and a reference section in your notes. These will not be included in the word count.
You will attract marks for good, critical analysis. Organise your work and communicate professionally. Please ensure your submission is all your own work. Poorly referenced work or work purchased from an external source will result in the work being submitted as a potential academic offence.
In summary, to achieve the highest marks you will need to evaluate and critically analyse. The assignment needs focus and to provide clear articulation of the scenarios.
How does this assignment relate to what we are doing in scheduled sessions?
The sessions are about thinking strategically and making strategic judgments about both the changing world around us and the strategies of all sorts of organisations in a variety of uncertain contexts.

How will my assignment be marked?
Your assignment will be marked according to the threshold expectations and the criteria on the following page.
You can use them to evaluate your own work and consider your grade before you submit.
Pass – 40-49%
Pass – 50-59%
Commendation – 60-69%
Distinction– 70%+
1. Organization and presentation of the submission (10%) An assignment organized competently and articulates the scenarios. The slides are likely to lacking visual impact and lacking in supporting evidence. A good assignment organized and communicated well. Clearly articulates the scenarios.
The slides are likely to rely heavily on text. A range of supporting evidence will be included. A professional assignment organized and communicated well. The scenarios are clearly explained and the explanation links it to the analysis. The information in the slides is relevant and adds value. The slides are visually clear and appropriate for a professional ‘audience’. A professional assignment organized and communicated to a high standard. Explains the scenario clearly. Links the justification explicitly but concisely to the analysis, highlighting the key points of the analysis and the evidence behind it in a clear but concise manner. The slides should be informative; well designed and likely to engage the reader. Presentation at this level will be of standard that is suitable for a professional audience.
2 Use of appropriate methods from the strategy toolbox to generate a meaningful analysis (you are demonstrating your ability to select and use tools that will enable a strong critical analysis and develop the scenarios) (30%) Addresses the task set. The analysis is developed using limited evidence and strategic frameworks and may reveal some errors in their application Addresses the task set. Makes use of some strategy tools to develop the analysis. Strategic issues are covered but they may over-emphasis operational issues, for example Supply or HR. Work at this level is likely to show that tools have been used but there is little connection between the tools (the importance of this is discussed and practiced in class) Addresses the task set. The analysis is based on application of appropriate strategy tools. Emphasis is balanced towards strategic analysis rather than operational. Likely to show some connection between the analysis methods in order to develop a coherent analysis. Addresses the task set in a comprehensive fashion. Clear and focused analysis based on rigorous application of appropriate strategy tools that have been appropriately linked to gain insight. Emphasis is placed firmly on strategic analysis rather than operational issues.
3 Development of the scenarios (40%)
Competent explanation of the scenarios. Tending towards the descriptive.
The development of the scenarios shows understanding of the process and the scenarios are clearly derived from the analysis. There may be too much focus on the current state of the industry and it may ignore key elements of supporting evidence and analysis. This is likely to favour description rather than evidence based argument.
The development of scenarios will make accurate use of a scenario grid that shows clear understand of the process. The scenarios are clearly developed with use of evidence from the key points of the analysis. The emphasis will be clearly on future direction rather than descriptive of the present state.
At the higher end of this category you would be expected to produce scenarios that are original but make excellent use of evidence to support them. At this grade one ‘wild card’ scenario should be included (with supporting evidence).The evidence will be drawn from very wide range of sources and potentially make use of critical analysis from industries or sectors that lie outside the selected industry sector but may impact it or provide realistic opportunities for strategic expansion for companies operating in the industry that you are examining (there is no need to discuss specific companies).
4. Supporting evidence (notes) to support the scenario presentation. (20%) Notes are provided but tend to be descriptive and reflect a limited range of sources. The notes are well ordered and follow the requirements of the template. References are provided but may be limited in range. Detailed notes are provided and clearly indicate a wide range of research in the references. This will clearly show the analysis that leads to the development of the scenarios. Notes show the logic behind the development of the scenarios The notes show clearly the information that develops the analysis and scenario development... This indicates an extensive range of up to date sources. Shows excellent use of appropriate methods that help develop some originality of insight. Work at this level reveals excellent judgment in selecting information that is relevant and contributes to full understanding by the reader.