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CC3101 Coursework Assignment
The deadline for this assignment is on Thursday of Week 24 at 3 pm, submitted on Weblearn via Turnitin. Weighting 50% of the module marks.
The coursework assignment for CC3101 involves researching into an area of cybersecurity, the area of focus for this assignment is what circumstances or vulnerabilities allowed the theft of large amounts of personal data from large companies, heavily considering IoT and Cloud security. Your report must be no more than 1500 words, this does not include references or if you add an appendix like the Glossary of Terms. You must reference your work using the Harvard Referencing System, there should be at least one reference per paragraph and the work must be original and your work. Please be aware of the university’s policy on plagiarism.
Choose a current cyber-attack that has resulted in the theft of large amounts of personal data, you need to explain why it happened, how were the hackers able to access the data, this must be a case that has happened before 1st January 2022. Your report must follow the report structure given below, failure to follow this will result in the loss of marks.
Examples of possible topics that could be covered are:
• The theft of personal and financial data from the BA website between August and September 2018.
• Superdrug reported the theft of personal data in August 2018.
• Justify the paragraphs, list of acronyms in alphabetical order, add a cover page, page numbers, captions to all figures/tables if any, all figures/tables must be mentioned in the text if any and just be referenced using Harvard style or [Own image] if you have created it.
• Suggestion: Use Grammarly for spell check, grammar and vocabulary enhancement or the built-in Review Tab in a word for Spelling & Grammar and Thesaurus to verify your spelling and improve your writing.
Introduction (5 Marks)
Write a short introduction of about 100 words. Your introduction should cover:
• A brief overview of the cyber-attack you have chosen should include the name of the company, what was stolen and when it happened.
• You should explain what you are going to write about in your report, so this should be a very short summary of all the sections in your report.
Research into the theft of personal data (50 marks)
This section needs to cover in detail the research that you have done into your chosen cyber-attack where personal data was stolen. This section of the report is expected to be about 1000 words.
Your research section should cover:
• What are the facts of the cyber-attack, when did it happen, which company was affected
• What personal data was stolen?
• How was the data stolen?
• What errors did the company make that led to the cyber-attack
• Consider Ethical, Legal and Professional issues

GDPR and Personal data loss in a cyber-attack (30 Marks)
Due to the loss of personal data, the cyber-attack you have researched will be governed by GDPR, the ICO will investigate and is likely to impose a fine. Consider changes to GDPR after the UK left the EU. It should be about 300 words.
Your GDPR section should cover:
• Under GDPR what does a company have to do when it learns it has been the victim of a cyber-attack resulting in the loss of personal data?
• What did the ICO do?
• What fine could the ICO impose on the company?
• What measures could be taken to prevent such a cyber-attack from occurring again?
Conclusion (10 Marks)
The conclusion is a summary of the key areas of your report, you should not introduce any new ideas or add any new information. It is expected to be about 100 words.
Your conclusion should include:
• A summary of what are the main findings of your research, i.e. the key issues you wrote about
• A summary of what you learned about GDPR and the cyber-attack
References and Appendix (5 Marks)
A comprehensive set of references, correctly formatted using the Harvard Referencing System and your weekly glossary of terms in your own words. Check similarity percentage on Turnitin, it should be as low as possible. Whole paragraphs/content that are similar to other resources will not be considered for marking. There should be at least one reference per paragraph of your work.
Good Resources to help you start writing:
- Academic Phrasebank:
- Academic Writing:
- IEEE Library:
- Independent Study Skills:
- London Library:
- Neiltool’s box:
- Research, Plagiarism and Referencing:
Submit it on Weblearn under Assignments/ Coursework [1500 words]
Good Luck!

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1875 words including figures and References

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