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I have attached document that described the assignment to be completed in details.
For this unit project, you will create a persuasive presentation in response to the following prompt.
The United States Government is looking to create a major alliance with an existing territory, or expand its own territory in space. It has several options. Select one of the following options and create a persuasive presentation about why it would be the best choice.
• Puerto Rico
• Guam
• The United States Virgin Islands
• The Northern Mariana Islands
• American Samoa
• Canada
• Mexico
• The Moon
• Mars
Once you have selected your choice, conduct research to learn about the people and resources of your selection. Your presentation should use this information to identify why your selected location would make the best addition to the United States.
Your unit project presentation should include:
• An introductory slide that establishes your thesis and previews your main points.
• Three main points that explain why your location should be the next state or territory, with three examples or pieces of supporting evidence each, for a total of at least nine body slides
• One counter¬argument to strengthen your position.
• A conclusion slide that wraps up your argument
• A works cited slide that lists all of your sources
Remember to:
• Write in your own words
• Be detailed
• Use your best academic spelling and grammar
Your project should be a presentation with multiple slides. As you create your presentation, include at least one image per slide. Your images should relate to your content. For example, a picture of an important resource might be an appropriate related image. A picture of a unicorn would not be an appropriate related image.