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Term paper, topic is about tourism
June 10,2022.pdf
OJT Update - June 10,2022
1. OJT Monitoring
2. Submission of Portfolio: June 16,2022
a. No late submission
b. Include the supervisors evaluation form
3. CITHMs evaluation form is available, if in case no available forms from the host establishments
4. Students who need 100 more hours
A. 100 hours Event Proposal Writing (this can be done by partners or by group - up to
- Event Theme
- Logistics Plan
- Operations and Manpower Plan
- Profit and Loss Forecast
- Media and Partnership Plan
B. 50 hours - UPHSD International Webinar Reaction Paper
G 50 hours - Term Paper
- Topic: Choose one topic from a core subject
- Content: Simple introduction, body, and conclusion
- No need for thorough research
D. 60 hours - Additional Portfolio Component - interview one employee of the
company and ask for his or her experiences in working at the property
- His/her experiences with company
- What he/she loves the most in working with the company
- The challenges that he/she faced with the company

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