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Your Task
You are required to write a report to a corporate board summarising your views on corporate
governance, sustainability and risk management practices.
Assessment Description
From Monday of Week 9 at 9 am, you will have access to a case study on MyKBS under the
assessments tab. This document will have all the necessary case facts and the specific questions
which you are required to answer for this assessment.
This assessment examines two learning objectives:
• LO4: Analyse the role of the board in the assessment of strategy and risk and the way in which
this expertise can be better utilised.
• LO5: Analyse the sustainability initiatives practised within organisations and determine their
effectiveness in meeting corporate and ethical objectives.
Assessment Instructions
• You are required to prepare a report and submit it via Turnitin via MyKBS.
• You should adhere to KBS’s referencing and Academic integrity requirements.
• Please refer to the assessment marking guide to assist you in completing all the assessment criteria

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