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Its an assignment from US History . The details are attached.
You can write a 600 to 800 word research report about one influential individual from the time period between 1789 and 1825 and how their achievements and contributions impacted the world today.
Your report will focus on their achievements and contributions in the establishment of the United States of America. Instead of telling their life story from birth to death, you should focus on these important achievements and contributions and explore how they impact the world today.
Your report should include a Works Cited Page
Your unit project should include:
• An introductory paragraph or section that provides a basic biography of the individual
• Several body paragraphs or videos that describe the individuals achievements and contributions
• A conclusion that explains why the individuals achievements and contributions still matter today
• A works cited list that includes all of the sources you used to conduct your research. (if you choose the video option, please attach the Works Cited page as the last slide in your presentation or submit as a separate document).
Remember to:
• Write in your own words
• Be detailed
• Use your best academic spelling and grammar
• Cite your sources

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 643 words

Title: George Washington

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