Recent Question/Assignment

Its an earth science project . The details are attached in doc file.

Step 1- Pre-Game Discussion Questions
These questions should be completed PRIOR to starting the game/simulation.

1) In this game, you will learn about weathering and erosion. Why do you think we often learn about weathering and erosion together?
2) What are some natural forces that cause weathering and erosion to occur?
3) What is the difference between mechanical and chemical weathering?
Step 2 - GAME TIME!
Click here for the Game:
Step 3 - Post-Game Discussion Questions
This section should be completed after conducting the game/simulation.
1) Write a paragraph summary of how to play the game.
2) Write a paragraph summary on the choices you made in the game, and how your choices affected the outcomes in the game.
3) Research from the simulation and write an original definition for the following terms: weathering, erosion, and abrasion.
4) Why is gravity one of the main sources of weathering and erosion?
5) Of the four natural forces that cause weathering and erosion to occur, select TWO, and discuss HOW those forces cause weathering and erosion to occur.

• Research a famous, natural wonder of the world in which one of the four natural forces of erosion and weathering (wind, water, glaciers, volcano) may have created that particular natural wonder.
• Discuss how the natural wonder may have been created and any possible benefits its existence may have on the land, people, or animals that live in the area.