Recent Question/Assignment

For this unit project, you will create a PowerPoint presentation on Ocean Movement.
Your unit project should include:
1. A PowerPoint Presentation that includes:
A definition of each of these terms: Surface Current, Deep Current, Coriolis Effect, Wave, Fetch, Refraction, Tide, Tidal Oscillation, and Tidal Range (each definition should be on its own slide)
Each PowerPoint slide for those terms should in include the following:
a) an accompanying picture/image
b) a real-life example (which can be in the form of an image and/or description of a location) of the phenomenon here on Earth
2. Two additional comparison slides (these should include a side-by-side contrast of two of the pairs listed below, and an illustration of each):
Surface Current and Deep Current
Coriolis Effect and Gyre
Fetch and Refraction
Tidal Range and Tidal Oscillation
Remember to:
Write in your own words (and use citations of your sources)
Be detailed
Use your best academic spelling and grammar