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You should write 400 words in total on the important/impactful things you have experienced during the period of studying this module. Journals should be submitted in two separate submissions (150-250 words total for each submission).
It is very important to keep in mind that these two journal submissions are to be in 'your own words'. They are designed to allow you to reflect on your own unique experiences and are an opportunity to share those with your PE Online Tutor in confidence.
. This first submission should focus on your plans, goals, and aspirations for the month ahead.
My Internship Role is ( Network security Intern )
Job Duty =
Machine level security’
• Router and switch level security’
• Data level security
• Internet level security
• Access level security

Part 1 ( 200 words)
• What is happening in your internship or workplace?
• How are you relating what you have learned in Module 1 to what is happening in your workplace?
• Reflect on the process of identifying the level of responsibility for SFIA Generic skills and ask yourself which factors did you consider in your assessment?
• How has the SFIA Generic skills activity contributed to your professional development?
While you need to reflect on the above in your second submission some other/optional areas you might like to consider addressing in that second end-of-module submission might be:
Part 2 ( 200 words )
Job role and responsibility
• Configure security on router
• Configure user level security
• Discuss threats and prevention
• Identify causing the problems and resolve.
• Can you identify any communication issues or challenges that may have happened in the workplace that has resulted in your learning about differences in workplace culture?
• Have you read an interesting article or blog recently?
• Have you attended an interesting event or presentation?
• Did you attend an interview, or make an important/interesting presentation?
• Any other topic that you feel is relevant or you would like advice on from your tutor?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 554 words including References

Title: Internship Role

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