Recent Question/Assignment

I would like to kindly ask you if you are able to prepare a report with 3500 to 4000 words about the Iraq marshes as it is a UNESCO world heritage site.
This report should include five chapters.
Chapter 1: Introduction to Marshes, geographical location, population, urban center analysis, sources of economy, etc.
Chapter 2: What type of heritage is in the marshes? Mapping the heritages there
Chapter 3: The crisis assessment (type of crisis in marshes) could be man-made or natural, and their impact on marshes and on heritage, the value of the heritage that has been affected by these crises
Chapter 4: Selecting One Crisis to Recover through the Heritage that is Available and Can be Used, putting a strategy, action plan, stakeholders, legal framework
Chapter 5: conclusion and discussion/Recommendation
(maps, photos, tables) required regarding marshes
note: strategy could restoration, reconstruction, conservation, community-based intervention, cash-based intervention
table of content
list of figures
list of tables
then chapters and references
Please note that the font needs to be Times New Roman and the headline bolt size is 14. The size of the sentence will be 12. The space will be 1.5.
In the below link you can find
1-one heritage report as a sample
2-my resources for marshes may be useful
3-writing instruction
Please confirm if you can do it and let me know about the total cost.
If possible, select community-based intervention or cash-based intervention as a strategy, then write a detailed requirement about it as written in chapter 4