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6 pages with two questions and other case it depends how case analytical go
Your attention, please.
MSS 712 & MIRD 711 here are your CAT 1 assignments:
MSS 712
Do you think NATOs enlargement through the addition of Finland and Sweden a pragmatic move? Justify your response.
MIRD 711
Do you think International Cooperation should increase to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on Earth?
Your paper should consist of No Less than 6 typed pages, give credit to your sources, and provide a Reference List.
The earlier you start on your project, the better. The aim here is to produce quality work. Thanks, and good luck. You have 3 weeks to work on this pending your second CAT assignment.
Basing on the Fiber evidence and the Wayne William’s trail
Identify the following
a) Lessons learnt
b) Show the gaps in the trail through analysis and profiling
c) Compare Wayne Williams case with that one of john rock
d) If you were a security expert what advise would you have given to the FBI and forensic experts as far as investigating on Wayne Williams is concerned
However, focus on the following while reading
I. Who is Wayne William
II. Where was he born
III. What investigations were done on Wayne Williams
IV. How was the court prosecution conclude?
Note: presentations next Saturday for every one
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