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Task Length:
Report – 2000 words (+-10%)
Task Type
Due week and submission deadline
Week 11 - SUNDAY – 05/06/2022 - 23:59

On the basis of the presentation feedback, please amend and finalize your Questionnaire for collecting primary data. (This task is an extension of assignment 2). Part Three assessments 3a and 3b are related to the primary research undertaken by the student.
Task Requirements:
Design the primary data collection Tool – Questionnaire
Do not use predesigned questionnaire formats from any web sources or platforms.
Design the questionnaire using different question format.
Align the questions with the objectives identified in the research proposal (assignment 2)

This part will help the students to build their understanding regarding the various descriptive and statistical analysis tools and concepts needed to interpret their primary data. Microsoft Excel’s statistical analysis tool pack will be used for this purpose.
The student will sort, code and tabulate the primary data collected by means of the questionnaire (designed) and show the workings of the data analysis carried out on their primary data.
Various statistical and data analysis techniques learned during the course will be applied to arrive at the findings of the research. These findings will then be interpreted and discussed, and recommendations will need to be given.
A comprehensive report addressing all the components of the research will need to be presented.
Assessment Criteria used to grade this task: Students should demonstrate the ability to:
a. Analyse a contemporary problem being faced in the hotel industry.
b. Present the background to the issue/trend
c. Identify the aim and your motivation for the chosen topic.
d. Find and analyse the previous researches/information from secondary resources relevant to the problem in the industry.
e. Find and critically analyse the information from secondary resources (relevant to the problem) understanding the background to the problem and discuss the various facets of the issue in the Literature review.
f. Identify the gap in the present literature and approach for your research.
g. Develop their hypothesis.
h. Discuss the ethical issues and limitations of the research.
i. Identify the timeframe and propose the budget for the research
j. Design the questionnaire.
k. Identify the research question and the objectives
l. Use various question types learned.
m. Design the cover letter
n. Format the questionnaire into a professional format.
o. Based on the information, evaluate the solutions/ recommendations suggested in the secondary sources and past researches.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3029 words including Figures, Template and Appendix

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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