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A project report of 300-400 required. Document attached

• Write the report from your point of view as a volcanologist. Some things to include may be, but are not limited to:
o Why were you called in to study this volcano?
o Are there any changes in earthquake activity?
o Are there any changes in the hot springs around the volcano?
o Are there any changes in the temperature of the rocks on the volcano?
o What kind of volcano is it?
o What is the ground like- is it in the middle of a tectonic plate? Or at a plate boundary?
Remember to:
• Write in your own words
• Be detailed
• Use your best academic spelling and grammar
• Show me that you know what the vocabulary words mean- not simply by writing definitions within your paper, but make sure that they fit well into your writing.
What do I want to see? You can make this report a video journal, a powerpoint, or an essay.
Be creative, but remember: The information that you include is the most important part of your project. No matter how beautiful your project is, if it does not fulfill the requirements for the unit project, it will not receive a passing score.
Project Rubrics

Be Sure to Include:
Your unit project should include:
• A report that you’ve written.
• References from three external sources (one can be your textbook, others can be books you’ve checked out at your local library, or websites you’ve found through a search engine.
• You must include these vocabulary words from your lessons in this paper, in whichever order you deem necessary:
o Pyroclastic material
o Magma
o Volcanism
o Lava
o Volcano
o Seismograph
o Magnitude
o Intensity
o Earthquake
o P wave
o S wave
o Deformation
o Mountain Range

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 382 words including References

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