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This is an individual assignment and we expect you to submit a max 10 pages ppt (or pdf) presentation. Keep it simple and follow the flow or instruction questions. You will be scored for answering each report out question that would be summed up in the final and total score. Report out questions and scoring rules are visible on this and the next page of this ppt.
Imagine you are Head of Digital Business at Travel Industry Company. Travel industry ideas could be connected with any sub-segment of the travel/hospitality industry like online booking platform, hotel, resort, and agency or like you are transporting customers to vacation.
Your task is to develop an innovative customer digital initiative using one or two of the customer network behaviors strategy in the travel industry, in other words, how to do you reach the digital customers today?
REMINDER: The five customer network strategies are:
1) Access – faster, easier, on demand
2) Engage – a source of valued content
3) Customize – adaptable to customer needs
4) Connect – valuable part of customers online & social conversations
5) Collaborate – invite customers to help build your business and your enterprise
a) What are your customer objectives
- Lead generation, customer acquisition, improve customer service, grow share or spend of existing customers
b) Who are your focus target customers?
c) Which customer behavior you used?
- Choose one or two
d) What is your digital innovation?
- How are you faster and what kind of content you would create, how you are personalized?
e) Who will you need to make this idea to happen?
- What are the skills, the resources (from within or outside the business) that you might need to bring this initiative to life?

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